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Firearms training that evolves beyond simple marksmanship and into the realm of the martial art.

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Privately Contracted Firearms Training 

High Desert Training Group LLC is a veteran owned, privately contracted firearms training company with over 30 years of training and instruction in both the U.S. and overseas. We offer every level of firearms instruction from the basic Tactical Handgun course that meet the Arizona Department of Public Safety Concealed Carry Weapon Permit training mandate, to the more advanced Close Quarters Handgun and Rifle Fighting courses. We are focused on those who accept challenges and seek out excellence in everything they do.

Whether attending one of our open courses or privately contracted executive training sessions, our classes provide an appropriate student to instructor ratio, an open environment where processes are explained, questions answered and clear learning objectives are given.

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Ken Williams, Firearms Instructor and Teacher

Private Firearm Training Courses Available!

Providing gun training classes in Flagstaff, Holbrook, Winslow,
Snowflake/Taylor, Showlow, and many other locations across Northern Arizona.

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Fighting Under Stress

Fighting Under Stress

  The coordination of Mind, Body and Skill Most tactical firearms training is pretty static and procedural, even team tactics are boringly methodical and predictive. As embryos, in the firearms training world, we began with the basics, grip, stance, sight alignment and sight picture etc. We progressed, we added weapon handling and maybe some very modest movement. We work… Continue >>>

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