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Firearms training that evolves beyond simple marksmanship and into the realm of the martial art.

High Desert Training Group LLC was created as a result of over 30 years of firearms training and instruction in both the public and private sectors, in the U.S. and overseas. We provide firearms instruction that maintains emphasis on the pistol and rifle as a martial art.

We provide certified training that complies with the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s training mandate for the Concealed Cary Weapon Permit, ref: ARS 13-3112-n(3), as well as privately contracted shooter training that focuses on marksmanship and safe gun handling. Our intermediate level handgun courses bring the “average Joe” out of an average mindset and into the possibilities of excellence. The advanced seminars bring the firearm owner into the realm 0f the martial art of the gun. Whether in open class or in executive training sessions, we provide an appropriate student to instructor ratio, an environment where processes are explained, questions answered and clear learning objectives given.

High Desert Training Group’s Genesis

High Desert Training Group’s roots go back to the renaissance of the gun craft, when in the desert south west, the art of the gun was being pushed to a level that would forever change the American gun scene.

“In the early 80’s tactical firearms training hadn’t changed in decades, most of the firearms trainers were out of shape, far removed from the martial life style that is present in other fighting disciplines, but a lot of trainers had cemented themselves into local guru status. The training didn’t go much beyond shooting at paper targets, keeping score with the low scoring shooter buying a round of drinks at the club house afterwards.The law enforcement community had tactical firearms training locked up pretty tight at the time. If you wanted to learn tactical firearms, that’s where you had to be; the training was stagnant.”

“We all knew it would happen…eventually the genie got out of the bottle and tactical firearms development began appearing outside of law enforcement circles; back then they called it “Practical Pistol”, a euphemism for gun fighting. A small community of street cops, military and civilian shooters that were coming together outside official channels in southern California to share concepts, ideas and to test their skill-sets informally. The establishment firearms trainers considered these guys kind of rogue. We look back now and see that this was a great period in time and can be considered the Genesis in tactical weapons discipline.”

In patterning our training seminars, we look the United States Marine Corps as a model training organization. The training community in the Marine Corps lives, eats, breathes excellence. Trainers were expected to know their stuff, maintain excellent physical abilities and be competent in all aspects of Marine Corps life.

“We begin to see the firearms discipline as a its own martial art; as a result, we patterned our own firearms skill development as a martial art. One should be reasonably physically fit, flexible in concept development and in a constant state of perpetual improvement.”

When we moved to Arizona we thought I’d be in the Mecca of private firearms training but, found instead that many of the established private training schools were drifting away from their roots, migrating to the law the government sector, courting the training bureau money. To get that government money, you have to dial it down. Our company focus remains with the private individual’s development of the firearm as a martial tool. Since then we’ve traveled around the South West training with other professionals and exchanging ideas .”

We conduct firearms training seminars regularly through web site open enrollment option o as a privately contracted consultant and trainer. We’ve certified or re-certified thousands of students and instructors inside and outside the public sector.

High Desert Training Group was formed as an independently contracted training organization; our focus is defensive firearms training as it relates to the individual gun owner, privately contracted overseas military/security contractor or law enforcement officer who want’s to develop the firearm into an individual martial art. Our courses were developed from the cross-pollination of training and studies in the realm of the firearm.

“We began teaching firearms independently after realizing that a lot of the advanced firearms training out there is really just a higher level target shooting. We’ve put together the Close Quarters Handgun program with the individual weapon operator in mind using the traditional martial arts as the learning model.”

Our company teaches modern firearm disciplines, with most of our  focus on the pistol and rifle. Our courses integrate proven tactics and mental conditioning to create a new dimension to the art. Our company is reaching out to those who seek excellence in everything they do.”

Providing firearms training throughout Northern Arizona.

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