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AK Series Close Quarters Rifle Course

Course Goal

Military pattern AK-47 series rifles are popular in America today, yet the development of this rifle system was based on a mind set that was very different from their American counterparts. There are very few instructors teaching this weapon system. This class teaches the basics of the AK pattern rifle in the close quarters defensive environment, with an East European philosophy. We introduce the student to the manual of arms, movement, shooting all levels and operating in the 360 degree threat environment. This course is somewhat physically demanding.

Close Quarters Rifle Instruction with Ken Williams, Firearm Training InstructorEquipment Needed

  • Any AK or CZ58 pattern rifle.
  • A quality two point rifle sling is prefered.
  • Three or more magazines; the more, the better.
  • Three hundred rounds of ammunition Note: Only new factory manufactured ammunition is permitted in class. If you want to shoot more, bring more.
  • Eye and ear protection. See FAQs on eye and ear protection.
  • Knee and elbow pads are nice, but not required.
  • Appropriate clothing for the season, sun screen, hat, bug spray, water and scoobie snacks (for range day)
  • Any quality service pistol with a holster manufactured for that weapon with 50 rounds of ammunition (This is not necessary, but encouraged).

Subjects Covered

  1. Sighting and ballistics.
  2. Manual of arms.
  3. Carry positions.
  4. Shooting positions.
  5. Movement.
  6. Transition to secondary weapon.
  7. Map out future training and development.

Course Duration

8 hours: On site lecture/practical application.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Read and understand the Waiver agreement in the FAQ section. If you’re not okay with this agreement, don’t take the class.

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Course Dates & Registration

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