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Refund Policy


If upon attending class, you feel that the instruction isn’t what you expected, tell the instructors BEFORE mid session lunch break; you will get a full refund.

We will provide a full refund for cancellations made 14 calendar days prior to class upon request. Training credit for the current and following training calendar year will be given if a cancellation is made less than 14 calendar days of the class date; this includes acts of nature that result in unsafe shooting conditions (high winds), road closures and flight cancellations. We shoot in bad weather. Too hot, too cold? We shoot…. there is one exception.


Northern Arizona is known for heavy winds for about six weeks during the spring weather changes. These winds last for only about a day and happen prior to a weather change; they will snap target uprights from their frames and send targets airborne. If heavy winds are predicted on class date, cancellations will be issued and credit rendered.

What time does class start/end?

Our spring/summer classes start at 8:00 am. Winter/fall classes start at 9:00 am. Training days are eight hours with a 20 minute lunch break at the mid point; we will cover all of the material. If that’s not done within the eight hour window, our instructors will stay until all material is covered.

Why do I need to learn “Close Quarters”, I can shoot up close?

Marksmanship is only one element of firearm based martial survival skills; mindset and tactics are very important aspects. Close Quarters survival take those fixed pattern, square range skills and introduces us into a realm where an attack can appear from any direction and at any range; being able to fluidly adjust your tactics in a fight where time and distance are compressed is the essence a martial art.

I have several handguns, which one do you recommend?

The first requirement is a quality handgun that you can endure during sustained use. You may carry an ultra-lightweight small frame revolver that is made by a reputable manufacturer, but most ultra-lights are marketed as extreme high risk concealed carry guns and are not meant for sustained training.

Most bring reputable autoloading handguns with extra magazines. We’ve had clients in class who went through the entire class a full size auto loading competition gun only to load and tuck a micro pistol into their waistband on their way out. Bring to class what you carry daily, keep it real.

Revolvers are fine, bring lots of speed loaders.

Are revolvers okay for class?

Absolutely. For the basic classes, it doesn’t really matter. These are basic marksmanship and weapon handling classes. However, in the intermediate and advanced courses there is a lot of material covered in class. Having to constantly reload puts a mental stress on the student to keep up with the rest of the class.

I don’t have a gun; can I still take a class?

If you are attending an open class on the web site’s training schedule, you’ll need to bring a firearm and ammunition. If you’re contracting private training, we have a variety of company guns available. If you’re not there yet and are contemplating a firearm purchase, contact us. Opinions and advice is of course… free. Do the research, put a plan together and make the investment

What other equipment do I need?

There is a full gear list on every course description.

Ear and Eye protection?

We recommend wrap around eye protection during all classes; they provide the most uninterrupted field of vision and the most eye protection. If you don’t have them, we’ll provide them.

The spongy ear plugs you get at the hardware store will do, as well as standard ear muffs. However, electronic ear muffs are well worth the few extra bucks spent. Electronic ear muffs amplify low level sounds while protecting your hearing from the effects of gunfire. Being able to hear low level sounds while wearing ear muffs and operating firearms is essential.

What type of physical condition should I be in to attend your advanced classes?

As long as you are not under doctor’s order to stay in bed, are taking medication that would present safety concerns or have any medical condition that would complicate an existing medical condition our courses should be fine for most. Our handgun classes have only moderate movement, bending, or kneeling, rifle classes are a bit more strenuous; but still, unless you have medical issues, you should be fine.

Where are your gun training classes held?

Most of our courses are in the Winslow/Holbrook area and aren’t much more than an hour from Flagstaff, Snowflake/Taylor and Showlow; we do host courses outside the area from time to time.

What should I expect after I register?

The basic info you need is on the site. Additional information will be sent upon successful registration. Any other questions… shoot us an e-mail.

How can I pay?

Check, Money Orders, PayPal or become a class sponsor.

Will you hold a class without a deposit?

It depends, contact us. Keep in mind, we keep our student to instructor ratio low for quality and safety reasons, but we’re still a business. If we hold a seat in class without a deposit and later a student pays in full, we will  keep you on the roster only if there is still a seat available.

How can I attend your classes for FREE?

If you’ve taken one of our courses or subscribe to the Group Training Brief Newsletter, you’ll get an automatic 10% off on any training. If you sponsor a class, your in free. Contact us.

Can I get a Military, Police or other discount?

We do not offer military/police discounts but, if you get enough people from shift together or sponsor, we’ll provide the above discounts

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