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Firearms training that evolves beyond simple marksmanship and into the realm of the martial art.


We love hearing from our students about their experiences during our firearms courses.  It is our goal to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, safe, and enjoys the experience as they learn more about being a good marksman.  Here are some of what our students have said about our courses.

“I heard about High Desert Training through the grapevine and arranged a one day pistol training class with me and my girlfriends. It was nice to take a class without a bunch of strangers looking over my shoulder. Our instructor was patient, answered all of our questions and involved us in every step of instruction. Last weekend I went out shooting with my husband; his jaw dropped when I out shot him at the fifteen yard line.” ~ C.W.

“I own my own business and work late at night. One night after closing up, I went out back to lock things up and found myself alone behind the store; there was a man who had obviously been waiting out there for me. I was able to get back inside before he could push his way in. I called the police, but he was long gone when they arrived. Up until then, I thought that having a gun was all I needed for protection. That night I decided that I needed to learn how to use it. High Desert Training provided me the skill and confidence I needed to protect myself and my family.” ~ S.N.

“I’ve owned guns for over eight years now. I learned more in one class than in all those years prior.” ~ E.J.

“We moved to Arizona last month and signed up for a concealed carry class at a local retail store. I was shocked! We walked in and there were people everywhere, the place was packed. When a guy came over and sat next to us reeking of alcohol, we’d had enough, got and left. The private instruction your company provides is exactly what we were looking for.” ~ M.L.

“I gained a ton from the movement and 1-handed stuff. The instruction was great!,,, Also know that I’d like to repeat the class some day.”

 Tell us about your experiences during our courses!

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